Over 250 programs were produced for the series NEWS EUROPE, which laid the groundwork for GLOBAL CONVERSATIONS. Anchor host Helga Lohr Bailey was joined by guest hosts to cover a wide spectrum of topics, always presenting a European perspective. Among the guest hosts were Philip Maldari, Jasmine Bojic, Jean Pierre Nussbaumer, John Jekabson, Frank Ahern, Jim Herlihy, Francoise Sorgen, Vivienne Antal, Al Hirschen, and Fred Martin. These programs were produced and directed by Gari Lovaas Leary for more than five years. The television audience could view programs every Monday evening at 9 p.m. exclusively in San Francisco on Viacom Channel 25.

A list of these programs will be made available at a future date. These quotations sum up the audience's response.


".....the series has become such a valued source of information for the large community of people here who are interested in international affairs...I know...from the past how much care and intelligence goes into productions."
-- Prof. Anthony D'Agostino, Department of History, San Francisco State University

"...very anxious to have your program air on our channel...heard excellent responses to your series both on a production and content level. I believe this program would be of great interest to the residents of Marin County who tend to be highly educated and hungry for world news."
--Lisa Ahrons, Community Programming Coordinator, Channel 36 - Marin County

"Oh, you don't have to tell us about NEWS EUROPE. We watch NEWS EUROPE every week."
Information Officer, Consulate General, Japan

"I have come to regard the series as very important to the American Jewish Community....recommend strong support to fund the series...available to an audience of the Public Television stations."
-- Nathaniel L. Schmelzer

"What I'll miss the most (about leaving San Francisco) is watching NEWS EUROPE's programs every week."
--Information Officer, Consulate General, Britain

"....I know of no other television programs that presently examine these types of issues with deep analysis...such coverage is in the best interest of the Jewish Community."
-- Rabbi Malcolm M. Sparer, President, The Northern California Board of Rabbis

"I heartily applaud...Ms. Lovaas Leary for seeking...out experts who are in fact ordinary women...contributing to the betterment of their community."
-- Bonnie Joy Kaslan, Honorary Consul General, Turkey