"I breath in,
I am arrving.
I exhale,
I am home.

" --
Buddhist Mediatation Practice

HEALING: A World of Wisdom © 1998 - This two-part program looks at healing arts from cultures around the world. Some visionary medical institutions like Marin General Hospital's Cancer Center are finding those practices complement conventional medical treatment for life-threatening illness. As patients confront the medical community with their need for treatment of body, mind, and spirit, there is beginning to be a response to integrate healing traditions from other parts of the world. In Part II patients and their families make choices for healing. We will present the stories of how their search for healing has occurred.

Featured will be practitioners whose healing arts are based on therapeutic pratices from Africa, China, Tibet, and Native American traditions. Viewers will see practitioners explain their holistic methods and see how the patient receives treatment and is taught the practice themselves. Studies confirming therapeutic effects of these kinds of treatment are revealed by physicist Beverly Rubik.