"......I applaud you for your dedication to explore the relationship between festivals, the audience and volunteers, and filmmakers from the Bay Area and around the World."
Lori Branson Malm Producer
"No Turning Back"

"As a resident of Mill Valley, as a former mayor of the City of Mill Valley, as the current president of the Mountain Play Association and an active participant in public television at KRCB-TV, I would like to see this level of professionalism brought to a region where the interest in international affairs, both political and cultural, is unusually high."
Richard D. Spotswood

  INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVALS ©1996, is a three-part mini-series that demystifies the world of film festivals by showcasing the community support of three major international festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through the festival's dedication to bring films of distinction made by new and veteran filmmakers from around the world to the community, theater goers see screenings of documentaries, feature films and animation, to name a few, featuring other cultures.

Viewers will meet first-time and legendary filmmakers from Kenya, Norway, France, Venezuela, Germany, and several Americans. Community volunteers' stories enhance the program as they are always on hand to support these film festivals in anyway they can. Now that most cities have their own film festivals, viewers will be treated to the wide array of themes that make many festivals distinct. The other two programs in the three-part mini series are WOMEN MAKE FILMS -- featuring six women filmmakers from around the world -- and CRAZY ABOUT MAKING FILMS -- introducing several of the young directors from Italy, German and France.