"We are a part of nature, not a transcendent species with no responsibility to the natural world."
--Vine Deloria, Jr., Professor, Lawyer, Scholar, Author of "God is Red"

"With Mother Earth becoming smaller by the day, I believe global conversations to be a much-needed bridge of communications as we embark on the 21st century."
Augustine Velasquez
Yaqui Sculptor


Native Americans Fascinate Europeans © 1998 - a century old story of the ambassadorial role native Americans have played with dignity and continue to play in a cultural and ecological exchange with Europeans who did not colonize the Indian nation, a strong dialogue that expands into the 21st Century.

How did this begin? Since the late 1800s, European children grew up reading the adventures stories of German author Karl May, much the way Americans read James Fenimore Cooper when they were young. These stories of good triumphant over evil have given rise to hundreds of Indian clubs throughout Europe. In the small German town of Bad Segeberg, for example, over 300,000 visitors attend the Indian club's summer festival. Can one man's writings have had this effect on millions of Europeans? It will ease the healing of relations between white Americans and the Native Americans tribes who lost their language, land, families and culture when the West was opened for settlement. Production of this one-hour documentary builds the contemporary identity of Native Americans as global citizens and cultural ambassadors to countries throughout the world.  Native Americans Fascinate Europeans presents how these people have represented their tribal life ways for more than a century when invited into the homes and palaces of Europe.

Original artwork and music by Native Americans with other artists will be used to illustrate historic events. The audience will see contemporary cultural ambassadors talking about their experiences throughout Europe, as well as filmed while being in Europe. The story will surprise most Americans.