Sought After Native American Art to be Auctioned
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Proceeds to benefit GLOBAL CONVERSATIONS and the production of a PBS Special

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Works by America’s foremost Native American artists - Kevin Red Star of the Crow Nation, Andrew Van Tsignahjinnie of the Navajo Nation, and Awaa Shee-wia of the Crow Nation, to name a few - will be offered along with images by acclaimed Persian and Asian artists.

Represented by museums and sought after by collectors, the works of these honored artists have been donated to provide funding for GLOBAL CONVERSATIONS and the upcoming one hour PBS special “Native Americans Fascinate Europeans.”


Get ready to bid December 12!


Do something positive for the global community and give someone you love a unique and extraordinary gift.  (And don’t forget yourself!) 


GLOBAL CONVERSATIONS, the television series of program that is being created to promote thoughtful dialogue among some of the world’s important artists, scholars, diplomats and community leaders is offering a very special auction on Ebay. 


These highly acclaimed artists, along with Americans,  have contributed original paintings, lithographs and drawings to insure the continuance of this important program and to help to safeguard the permanence of this healing world forum by donating some of their best artwork for the auction.


GLOBAL CONVERSATIONS is currently finishing their first long format documentary called “Native Americans Fascinate Europeans” and the auction will also help guarantee its completion.


Do not miss this opportunity to help a truly worthwhile organization continue its valuable work, and to acquire superb and rare artwork.  It could be the best investment you make this year! 


Bidders will also find holiday items among the goodies and original paintings.





Elk” - Crow Warrior

Oil painting  11"x14"

15" x 18" framed in

Linen mat in burl wood

Kevin Red Star - Crow Tribe - artist

Value - $3,000


‘Kevin Red Star has emerged as the premier painter of the Northern Plains tribes states Big Horn Galleries. Each of Red Star's paintings portrays the beauty of his Crow culture and its traditions. Red Star paints peaceful reservation scenes with warm colors, as well as portraits of the strong Crow people painted in bold, vibrant hews.


“Elk” is a rare oil painting, as Kevin Red Star usually works in acrylics. It is the style associated with many of his paintings, large and small, that are in the hands of collectors in Japan, Germany and other countries. He is represented in a number of museums in the U.S. and abroad, including the Whitney Museum of Western Art, llthe Buffalo Bill Historical Center, the Smithsonian Institution, the C. M. Russell Museum, the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art, the Colorado Springs Art Center, the Schingoethe Center for Native American Cultures, the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum, ;the Peking National Art Gallery, Espace Pierre Cardin Collection,. The Leige Museum of Belgium, the Denver Art Museum, the Museum of the Rockies, and the United States Department of State.   In the last several years, Kevin has completed residences at the Russian Academy of Art in Moscow and at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia.


For over 30 years, Kevin has been painting and exhibiting his work. He is considered a historic recorder and a cultural ambassador for his Native Crow culture. His paintings have gained international recognition as his work evolved and the texture of his stories becomes richer, more symbolic and more universal.  His use of color washes gives his work a life of its own and his majestic and mythical subjects capture the spirit of his people.


Kevin states, “Indian culture has in the past been ignored to a great extent.  It is for me, as well as for many other Indian artists, a rich source of creative expression.l An intertwining of my Indian culture with contemporary art expression has given me a greater insight concerning mya rt.  I hope to accomplish something for the American Indian and at the same time achieve personal satisfaction in a creative statement through my art.”


In 1997, Kevin Red Star received an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Art from the Rocky Mounta8in College in Billings, Montana.  He was acknowledged for his great talent and willingness to share it with others.  He serves as a role model and mentor to young students, telling them that faith and perseverance is everything in the “tough” world of the arts.


Donation by Kevin Red Star Gallery, Billings, Montana.





Untitled - B&W watercolor

9" x 16"

Andy Van Tsihnahjinnie

Navajo painter (1918_2001) -

Framed with black stained wood,

white mat, arrow cut corners completed framed

art is 15 1/4" x 22 3/4"        


Andrew Van Tsihnahjinnie’s beloved subject was horses, and this striking water color in grey tones shows three wild horses, and a Navajo cowboy in traditional clothing riding a bucker.  He became a serious full_time painter after WWII, using oil, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, pencil, pen and ink, pastel and wood.   Dorothy Dunn at the Sante Fe Indian School in her book "American Indian Painting" (1968) wrote, "his originality of color, vitality and action had no equals among the artist of the studio and few superior among modern painters."  (See The Biographical Directory of Native American Painters.) 


His early years were spent on the Navajo Reservation.   His painting moods changed to something new and very different, his subject matter has always centered about the activities in the daily life of his people and their ceremonies.  Horses, his special interest, have been painted i;;n every conceivable color, size and shape. 


Educated in Sante Fe, New Mexico, and Oakland, California at the California Center for Arts and Crafts, Andy went on to work in oil, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, pencil, pen and ink, pastel and wood.  Between 1950 and 1991, his work has been published by Jacobson and d’Ucel, Dunn, Broder, Fawcett and Callander, Jacka and Jacka,, Archuleta and Strickland, Arizona Highways (3 issues), Southwestern Art (2 volumes) and others.  Commissions include murals in Fort Sill, Harris Department Stores, Navajo Sanitorium, Westward Ho Hotel, and Valley Ho Hotel.  His art is in numerous public collections and exhibits.


Honors include French Textile Award, National Design Award (Chicago), Paul Doze Award (France), French Government Palmes d’Academiques (1954), and include being named “Living Legend” by Ralph Oliver (1990) and Arizona Indian Living Treasure Award (1991).


Donation by Bill's Trading Post of Berkeley, California





“Winter of 2000"

Acrylic Painting 8" x 10"

Hard-Edge parfleche design,

Natural wood frame, 11" x 13". 

Traditional geometric designs of Crow Tribe

Painting signed on back by artist.


More traditional Crow designs and colors have always interested Awaa Shee-wia (Earth Woman).  Geometric traditional designs have always appealed to Redstar, in her paintings and beadwork. These traditions use the background color of the Crow, sky blue.  Her work presently uses two traditional colors, green and yellow, and earth colors of the early Crow people.


Her paintings are exhibited at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, the Smithsonian Museum in WDC,  Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings, Montana, and the Sante Fe Art Institute and hang in collections throughout the West.  Awaa Shee-wia began painting under the name Redstar in 1966 and trained at the Institute of American Indian Art.  After a ten-year hiatus, she has taken her new name and is again creating paintings of the traditional designs of her people.


Awaa Shee-wia attended the Institute of American Indian Art and has exhibited at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, the Smithsonian Museum, Yellowstone Art Museum and the Sante Fe Art Institute.  She is an expert on traditional beading styles of Tribes of the Great Plains.


Donation by the artist, Wyola, Montana.





“Dog Soldier” - Northern Cheyenne Warrior

Lithograph #128/950 18” x 26”  

with red and black face paint,

headdress of hawk and eagle feathers,

holding buffalo horn mallet/rattle.

Sand colored background of pictographs from the Great Plains.

White mat over red mat.

Dark blond wooden frame, satin finish

over glass 23”W x 31”H

slight reflection in glass is seen in photo.

Frame by Sticks Framing and Art, Berkeley, California





Dog Soldiers are the ferocious warriors leading Cheyenne military society, keeping law and order within the tribes. Known by their people as Fox society or Dog men, they were given the name of dog soldier by the U.S. military.


Earl J. Cacho is a dynamic western/wildlife artist.  In a technique which requires a great deal of self discipline and patience, he uses watercolors exclusively.  Having started painting at the age of four, Earl became professionally proficient with oils and other media in his early formative years.  Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, he majored in art  at California State University, Long Beach.  He and his wife now live in Alpine, Wyoming.                         


Earl has won numerous ribbons and awards for his wildlife paintings.  His western art has been given The Eagle Feather by representatives of several Native North American Tribes.  The Eagle Feather is the highest token of achievement awarded for outstanding accomplishments.  Because of his uncanny ability to give real personality and life to his subjects, his art seems to talk to you.  He often eliminates backgrounds entirely, thus focusing on the details, character and personality of his subjects. 


In the case of “Dog Soldier”  - Northern Cheyenne Warrior, the background is a tawny color, suggesting a cave possibly, with pictographs (actual) drawn and painted by the early tribes of the Great Plains.



Earl is Artist in Residence at Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone Park and lives with his wife near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  He attends many Pow-wows and Rendezvous throughout the Western States, looking for subjects for his western art.  His art shows the depth of feeling all great artists have.  Earl puts it well when he says, “Not only has God given me life, He has blessed me with the talent to give the feeling of life to my work.”


Donation by the artist, Jackson Hole, Wyoming





“Ferris Wheel” - Marin County Fair

Acrylic on board.                                                                       

40'' H x 62" W

Under glass with frame of white enameled wood

By David Lofton


After studying art throughout his youth, David Lofton received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northwestern State University of Louisiana in 1974.  He has been a resident of San Francisco since 1976, supporting himself and his family primarily as a graphic artist, screenprinter and illustrator. Choosing to study printmaking through hands on experience, he worked for several screenprinting and display firms, earning journeyman status within three years. He established his own graphic arts business, Loft-Art Graphic Services, in 1980 and closed it on December 31, 1999 in order to concentrate on painting.


David Lofton's artistic style emphasizes the interplay of color and light.  His subject matter ranges from the Impressionistic grandeur of the urban and rural landscapes of Northern California and Central Louisiana to the intricate realism of his cluttered basement shelves. A number of suites have resulted: San Francisco cityscapes and Victorians, Sierra landscapes, rural Louisiana bridges and shacks,  Northern California coastal scenes and vineyard studies, and still life studies of tools.  Many of his portraits are of family members.


The influence of the French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, especially Van Gogh and Gauguin, can be seen in David Lofton's work.  He also looks to Bay Area figurative artists David Park and Richard Diebenkorn for inspiration.  In review his work has been called a refreshing blend of Hopper and Thiebold.


Most recently he has been working series of multi-paneled images of the backyards and scenic vistas of the Bernal Heights and Excelsior neighborhoods. These were most recently display at a solo show in the ground floor of San Francisco City Hall.

The show consisted of 4 paintings: a two panel piece 5 ft long in toto, a three panel  piece 7.5 ft long , a 6 panel 12 footer and a 27 foot panel completing a full 360 degrees on 11 panels.


His work is owned and collected by individuals across the United States, and as far away as Chile, Denmark, and Italy.


Donation by the artist, San Francisco, California.





“The G Clef with Two Lovers”

Pale blue background, romantic figures

Lithograph,  edition of 500

Individually numbered and signed by the artist

Image size 9" X 14"

Original watercolor on paper

Matted and framed.


A delicate traditional Persian watercolor by Mohammad Hourian.  Each limited edition lithograph is individually numbered and hand signed by the artist.  Frame and mat included. 


This is truly a romantic painting.  The perspective in Iranian art is with beauty on the surface.  Clear and easy to understand, the figures are disposed in different planes in what is known as the “high horizon” convention, so that each can be seen separately.  What is in the distance may appear in the foreground. This gives each picture a fantasy or storybook feeling.


“My colors are bright because I use real gold pigment in my art. I mix gold into every color.  The gold comes in small, thin leaves...” states Hourian. Viewing the painting, one sees it is bathed in a brilliant, golden light.


This San Francisco artist has exhibited in galleries in Tehran, San Francisco, Berlin, Munchen, Tokyo, Lausanne, Rome, Florence, Knoke (Belgium), and Madrid. He is originally from Iran.


Donated by Hourian Fine Art Galleries, San Francisco, California


















Additional Auction Items to Bid On:


                     Etching by Gloria Leader (framed, matted)

                     Certificate ($75) Have dinner with actor Dean Peters (stand in for Don Johnson in Nash Bridges) at Restaurant LuLu

                     Set of 3 matching Christmas Pillows (black with green/red plaid)

                     Miniature Painting by Gloria DiBiase (framed, matted)

                     Cloisonne pendant with matching earrings (Lily, white against green/aqua)

                     Nick At Night Classic Trivia Game

                     Triptych of Haida pen and ink drawings by John Powers (Die-cut double mat - red and black)

                     First Prize Wines - Marin County Fair - Non-commercial category

                     Hakata Figurines - Japanese (3) - very collectible

                     And More





These honored artists have donated their original works to provide funding for GLOBAL CONVERSATIONS and the upcoming one hour PBS special, “Native Americans Fascinate Europeans.”

Auction Items on eBay


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